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It was a few months ago with my husband in a swingers club, which was a black and white party. Many black men were invited. We have been in a corridor inside a wall with round openings that we wanted to see other couples fuck with black boys in the other room. I only wore a bra and mini skirt without underwear. Unexpectedly, a black behind me and his hands touched my breasts and kissed my neck and gently bites my earlobe. After a while he opened my bra and with the other hand had ruined my pussy as he pushed his growing erection against my ass. I arrived with my hands behind my back and took his huge dick and caresses balls, oh what a tool. When I felt my pussy was so wet spread her legs open, and he pushed my upper body to directporntube the wall so I could have on the opening, and I am the head of the swollen mushroom head input is felt in my pussy. With one hand rubbing his huge cock head in my pussy enterce, back and forth, back and forth. I was meowing like a cat, loving the feel of his cock against my lips. I moved my hips back trying to catch it, but when he tried to put his cock in my pussy without protection, my husband asked to use a condom. I had directporntube nothing and my husband gave her second rolled pie